Blood, Sweat and Bears

Sixty seconds was all it took for the most anticipated football game in the Midwest to sell out. The Bears and the Packers face off for the 182nd time and are prepared to give it their all. The rivalry between the teams runs deep, so the fans are ready for an intense play-off game 60 years in the making. Already, Chicago is rallying to show our team that we are behind them 150%.

Even though I’m not a football fan, I find it difficult not to feel a sense of excitement and pride in knowing that the Bears are in the plays-offs. I cannot help but be swept away by the energy that radiates from football enthusiasts. The fervor is contagious and makes me want to join the Bears movement and become a die-hard fan.

As I get swept away in Bear fever, I realize that energy and enthusiasm drive us, but loyalty to Chicago binds us. Like Bears fever, the Red Cross of Greater Chicago is a movement that uplifts, unites and inspires Chicagoans. Our disaster volunteers unite to provide aid and support to those in need. We find that there is a joy in having the ability to help someone in need. The joy and energy we experience when serving others drives our donors, staff and volunteers to deepen their loyalty to our movement.

The Bears will leave their sweat and blood on the field on Sunday. Are you ready for that kind of die-hard loyalty? Bear down, and become a volunteer.

By Erica Serna

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