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  1. While at dunk in donuts in Atlantic city getting a drink ,i heard a women screaming I turn round i saw her friend on ground lying face up. I went to help and I told to every one to remain Idid training for CPR .i then gave my cell phone to a bystander and told her to call 911,and tell them that we have a woman who is not breathing and give them the exact address.while instructing a bystander. I cleared the scen and assessed the patient and determined that she was not breathing. Directly i start a CPR for 05 minutes and the patient did not show any signs of improvement. And I asked a women if she is under any medication .She told me that she took a heroin . I continued for more 06 minutes then she start breathing .I put her on recovery position but her breathing still short and labored. Few minutes later the paramedics showed up and I briefed them for what happened and I helped them loading the patien into ambulance.

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