Tell Your Red Cross Story

There’s only a few days left for a great contest that the Red Cross is doing right now in honor of Red Cross Month: the Change A Life Contest. Regardless of if you win, you still benefit from your submission!

The American Red Cross wants to know about a life changing experience you or someone you know has had as a result of their efforts By submitting your story in 75 words or less, you have the opportunity to win backstage tickets to Keith Urban’s upcoming concert in Washington D.C., a 52” flat screen TV, DVD player, Red Cross DVD collection, or Red Cross vintage T-shirts. I know I said everyone gets something for submitting an entry…well, you do! If you submit an entry, you get a coupon for 10% off at the store.
So, you can pretty much save 90% this week on great Red Cross opportunities. 10% off on a Red Cross item from the online store and 80% off on CPR Training during March are great deals in a recession. Use these discounts to get prepared!
The submission deadline is March 16. Start writing your story!

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