Thanksgiving for the Red Cross

Yes! We should all be thankful for the Red Cross–just like fire fighters, we are rescuing people all the time. Yes, we rescue them from facing nowhere to lie down in safety after a fire or any other disaster, small and large. We just don’t stop, ever.

Why am I thankful, personally?

After my first house fire, I stood alongside a family in the frigid night, all and kids in pajamas, helpless as their second story apartment smoldered. They lost everything, but their skins. There were hundreds more over the years. I went to wildfires where only the nails remained. To hurricanes where families continued to live in the smashed up hulls of their trailer homes. And what have I learned? Don’t fuss over what you have, care about what you give.

It’s the little ways in which I’ve changed which mean big things in my life. I went through four years living in San Francisco with three pieces of furniture. When I moved back to Chicago, my parents felt sorry for me and donated some of theirs. I never missed the furniture. It really doesn’t matter. Through my Red Cross lens, I saw this all being gone in an instant.

Tomorrow and always, I give thanks for the privilege I have to help other people every day. And to know that my life is richer because of the Red Cross, even though, I’m back to having no furniture:)

Don’t get burned in the kitchen this Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving my job is to make the pumpkin pies and I’ve done a pretty good job, well except for that one year I forgot to add sugar and made all the kids cry when they tasted my creation (true story). Perhaps my mind was on the next day’s early-morning bargain shopping, I don’t know for sure…but I do know it’s easy to get distracted, especially when family and football present themselves in your kitchen.
Cooking fires are more likely to occur on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year according to the National Fire Protection Association so be careful!
We have all kind of tips-from what to do if someone is choking, to how to prevent kitchen fires and how to care for basic cooking related burns on our web site.
Check them out.

What’s your best Thanksgiving memory?