What’s in your bag?

I was cursing a little to myself this morning as I dragged my bag of essentials with me on my walk to work. It’s so heavy, but I need everything in there because you just never know. In my bag I have a cell phone charger, umbrella, snacks, water, a book, bottle, ipod, shoes, lunch and of course my safety tube. It weighs practically nothing and includes water, a light source, dusk mask and whistle. Why the whistle? In case you find yourself stuck somewhere experts say it’s better to blow a whistle rather than yelling to conserve energy.

In honor of National Preparedness Month we’re giving away two safety tubes-one for you and one for a friend!

Just comment on our blog this week, and at 5 p.m. Friday we’ll pick a winner randomly from all the comments we get and send you two safety tubes. These are great things to have with you at the office, in your car and on the train.

Tell us your story about when you might have used a safety tube, or tell us when you might need one: Have you been stuck on a train? Have you ever had to evacuate your office? What’s in the bag that you drag to and from work each day?

Make sure you include your email so we know how to contact you!