The 41st Anniversary of the Oak Lawn Tornadoes is Today

The 41st Anniversary of the Oak Lawn Tornadoes is Today

Peak Tornado Season is March-May. Are you ready?

CHICAGO– April 21, 2008- Today is the 41st anniversary of the tornadoes that struck Oak Lawn. Recent severe weather, including the tornadoes that hit downtown Atlanta remind us that twisters are a real threat to our area and yes that includes downtown. Would you know what to do if one hit your home, office or school?

The peak time for tornadoes to strike is March through May and the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago provides the following safety to keep you safe when a tornado hits.

Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit

The first step in preparing for any type of disaster is to assemble a disaster supplies kit, which should include the following items:
A first aid kit and any essential medications.
Special items for infants, the elderly or disabled.
Canned food and a can opener.
At least three gallons of water per person.
Protective clothing, bedding or sleeping bags.
A battery-powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries.
Written instructions on how to turn off electricity, gas, and water if authorities advise you to do so. (Remember, you’ll need a professional to turn natural gas service back on.)

Prepare a Home Tornado Plan

Pick a place where your family can gather if a tornado is headed your way. It can be a basement or a center hallway, bathroom, or closet on the lowest floor. Keep this place uncluttered. If you are in a high-rise building, you may not have enough time to get to the lowest floor, so pick a place in a hallway in the center of the building.

Stay Tuned for Storm Warnings Listen to your local radio and TV stations for updated storm information and know the difference between a tornado WATCH and a tornado WARNING:

A tornado WATCH means a tornado is possible in your area.
A tornado WARNING means a tornado has been sighted and may be headed for your area. Go to safety immediately.
Tornado WATCHES and WARNINGS are issued by county or parish.