Chicago Flooding

Hello Chicago – this is Lily reporting to you after a very wet weekend!

I woke up Friday morning and prepared myself for a job interview downtown. As I left my apartment, however, I discovered that getting downtown – a relatively easy adventure from my Lincoln Square apartment – was going to be tricky. Water was everywhere – the cars parked on the street had water halfway up the tires, a fire hydrant was just short of being completely submerged and I was ankle deep on the sidewalk!

My shifts with the DAT team do not begin until Saturday evening, but I said a small prayer for my co-workers as I knew how busy this weekend was going to be – and was it ever!

But never fear – the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago Disaster Services crew works best under pressure and came to the rescue in several communities this weekend!

The city of Zion opened a shelter for residents who experienced rain water gushing into their apartments and homes. The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago assisted the city by providing food, cots, blankets, and staff.

During this time, Disaster Services also addressed the needs of families affected by flooding in the city limits, Elgin, Marengo, and Waukegan!

Thankfully enough, things seem to be quieting down once again here in Disaster Services.
If you happen to run into a DAT or Mass Care volunteer or staff member, be sure to give them a thumbs up or pat on the back – most of the work we do, especially with flooding is rewarding, but challenging. I hope everyone was able to catch up on sleep and relax a bit.

If you have been affected by flooding this past weekend, please contact us at (312) 729-6100 for information about organizations that may be able to help.

To address the next bit of extreme weather Chicago will be experiencing (90 on Tuesday, 92 Wednesday with a warning of an 100 degree heath index), please check out these Red Cross tips regarding being safe in the heat!