Red Cross Prepares Everyone with First Aid and CPR Classes

I never thought being a teacher’s aide could be so amazing. This week, I observed a Red Cross CPR/First Aid class, and it was amazing. Liz was a great instructor. She was funny, friendly, and knew the answer to any question asked of her by the 11 students who attended. I not only got to observe the class, but I also became a demonstrator and translator for a Spanish-speaking student. It was such a life changing experience to not only observe the training but also be able to speak with some of the students and get their input on why it’s so important to take these classes. Gregory Elkey of Chicago says, “I’m a parent, and I think all parents should take advantage of these classes because you never know when something could happen, especially when it comes to kids.” You can learn how to be prepared and save a life by joining a class. To sign up go to
Written by Lucas Centeno