Show Chicago Some Love During Red Cross Month

While I was living in New York during college, I was constantly surprised by just how often I would randomly meet other people from Chicago. Of course, it would not be long before I would learn that so-and-so was not really from Chicago, but rather from some suburb about 40 miles away. Everybody seemed to have their own reasons for saying that they were truly [or nominally] from the City. Either way, I learned that whether they were fervent Sox fans, deep-dish pizza aficionados, had really thick, nasally accents, or had never been south of Fullerton, everybody identified with Chicago on some level and felt that in some way, they too belonged to this big neighborhood. Clearly, it is all about the Chicago pride!

I know that I love all things Chicago, especially the great people. But what would I do if a disaster occured down the block or the other side of town? Would I be prepared and there to help my neighbor? And what are the chances of a disaster happening anyway?

Well, actually, there is a lot going on all the time in our backyards. I did not realize that until fellow blogger Erick Laseca had mentioned just the other day that our chapter responds to about THREE disasters in our communities…DAILY.

Also recent news to me, President Obama officially declared March as Red Cross Month! Keeping the tradition alive since FDR’s first proclamation in 1943, President Obama recognized the Red Cross’ long history and enduring commitment of providing relief services to individuals and communities in the event of both large- and small- disasters.

Additionally, he noted that the mission, daily efforts, and successes of the organization would not be possible if not for the humanitarian spirit, collaborative support, and dedication of the thousands of volunteers across the nation. After all, 96 percent of the American Red Cross workforce is made up of volunteers! This month, let’s celebrate all the great folks who make this organization so critically important for our neighbors next door and abroad.

There is always something going on around town. You can change a life, starting with your own! Be a part of the action, be a part of Chicago.

Here is just a smattering of ideas of how you can act locally this month:
-Flirting for Disaster: Coqueteo con Próposito
-CPR Training Days [Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 10 different Chicagoland locations]