Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet Francisco Magaña

During Hispanic Heritage Month, the Red Cross of Illinois is highlighting Latino men and women who are committed to advancing the mission of the American Red Cross. Today, we celebrate Donor Services Team Supervisor, Francisco Magaña.

Over ten years ago, Francisco felt the calling to learn a new skill and take his career in a different direction. Inspired by his brother who lost his battle with leukemia, and the countless number of blood transfusions that allowed him to share more time with his family, Francisco decided phlebotomy would not only honor his brother, but serve as a fulfilling profession. It was this career change that led Francisco to the Red Cross.

Francisco at an American Red Cross Memorial Blood drive honoring R. Scott Falk. 

Over the course of ten years with the Red Cross, Francisco has worked his way up to Team Supervisor and now has the pleasure and satisfaction of coordinating mobile blood donor teams as they collect blood from generous donors across the state.

Regarding Hispanic Heritage Month, Francisco says, “There are so many things I cherish from my culture, but family and their unconditional support are right at the top. No matter what it is, and what time of day it is, I’ve had my family’s support which is what I now offer my daughter. This is the same principle I apply with my Red Cross team. No matter what and where, my sleeves are rolled up ready to work.”

Francisco, with his wife and daughter, like to explore Mexico to learn more about their history.

In addition to love of family and hard work, Francisco is making sure he celebrates his culture by traveling to Mexico with his family to explore places and traditions which have been celebrated by his family for centuries.

Visit redcrossblood.org to make an appointment at a blood drive or blood collection facility near you. 

Written by Illinois Communications Manager Connie Esparza

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