Naperville High Schoolers Take Initiative for Tornado Fundraising

On June 21, 2021 a devastating tornado caused major damage to the Naperville/Woodridge area of Illinois- impacting hundreds of families.

The Red Cross was on the scene within moments of the weather event and opened up a reception center and a shelter for people affected to go. The Red Cross also provided guidance as the community navigated the recovery process after a tornado and helped to host a MARC (multi-agency resource center) at a local school where people could come and receive information and resources from many local groups all at once.

Three local students wanted to do more and asked Red Cross volunteers what else needed to be done. After some thought they decided a cash donation to the Red Cross would be the most impactful way to continue helping people affected by disasters like the tornado in Naperville. All three students felt the severity of what an event like this could do to someone’s life as they were all impacted by the tornado themselves.

Jeremy Zhao and Rohin Gopalka of Naperville Central and Sophia Zi of Naperville North canvased their own neighborhoods and took up a collection for the Red Cross totalling over $600.

Now the group is considering starting Red Cross Clubs at their schools and even volunteering in the future.

We are so grateful to these students for taking the initiative to do something positive for their community.

Interested in volunteering for the Red Cross? Learn more about volunteer positions here.

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