2021 Red Cross West Central/Quincy Heroes

Roy Webb-Education Hero 
Roy Webb is the superintendent of Quincy Public Schools (QPS) in Quincy, Illinois, and one of our Education Heroes. Throughout the pandemic, he has worked alongside QPS families, staff, and the community to keep schools open for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Due to the pandemic, the spring 2020 school semester was switched to remote learning, causing sports and many events, including the in-person graduation ceremony, to be canceled. Instead, a virtual ceremony was held for the seniors and Roy personally delivered a special blue devil coin to every senior’s home. The coin is meant to remind students of the special memories made at QPS. 

As a superintendent, Roy believes in a hands-on approach when it comes to education. During the school year, you can find him visiting classrooms and games, and interacting with students and parents. He says leading the school district comes with tough challenges and criticism, but he aims to always make the best decision for the students and staff.  

“The best part of my job as superintendent is… getting to go see teachers at work, principals at work, and then seeing our students.  We have 6,700 students. I take great pride in the fact that most of them from pre-K all the way through our 12th graders at least know who I am,” said Roy. 

Roy was the recipient of the KHQA Hometown Hero Award in October 2020. In addition, he was named Administrator of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year by the Illinois Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Now, he is a 2021 Red Cross Education Hero.  

When notified about his award, he humbly said he could not accept the recognition without emphasizing the amazing team that he works with every day. 

“I’m thankful for our Quincy team, from the school board, to the directors, to the principals, to the teachers, bus drivers, nurses, cooks, and educators. I am blessed to be in Quincy Public Schools. I feel that every day we have a very strong team and I appreciate all their work and support.” 

Written by Communications & Marketing Intern, Doreen Fosco

Joshua Smith and Marcus SweetenLifesaving Rescue Heroes  

Joshua Smith and Marcus Sweeten are two of our Red Cross Lifesaving Rescue Heroes. They are both students and resident assistants at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois. Marcus is a senior, majoring in history and Joshua is studying law enforcement and justice administration, as well as security management and administration. 

On September 15, 2020, a student was shot on campus. Joshua witnessed the shooting in the dormitory and was able to get the student to a safe spot, with the help of Marcus. The pair began performing lifesaving measures and following instructions from a 911 dispatcher.  They were able to administer first aid and keep the victim stable until first responders arrived on the scene. 

“The dispatcher instructed us to hold pressure on the wounds, count the wounds, see where all the blood [was] coming from,” recalled Joshua. “[I was] just going through the motions, checking arms, back, abdomen, and everything.” 

Marcus and Joshua said it was a surreal experience because all of this was happening while a shooter was still on the loose. 

“It was really hard to ever conceive of something like this happening, even when going through the situation. I didn’t really have time to process the situation until after the victim was taken from our care,” Marcus explained. 

The student who was shot survived. Even under extreme circumstances, both advisors stayed committed to their role by protecting their residents. 

Western Illinois University presented Joshua and Marcus with letters of commendations for their actions. In addition, the Red Cross is honoring both with the 2021 Lifesaving Rescue Hero Award. 

Written by Communications & Marketing Intern, Matthew Pontious

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