Red Cross employee shares how blood donors saved her son’s life

Liza Arroyo’s son was born prematurely 21 years ago. He was born at only six and a half months and weighed three and a half pounds.

After delivery, he was transferred to Rush Medical Center in Chicago, where he received seven blood transfusions that saved his life.

Today, Liza’s son is a healthy 21-year-old, who is able to live his life to the fullest thanks to the generosity of Red Cross blood donors.

“If it was not for the American Red Cross donating that blood, my son would not be here today,” Liza says. 

Liza now works for the Illinois Red Cross Region in the operations department. She loves the fact she can now serve the organization, that helped save her son’s life.

She says attending blood drives and seeing the blood donations happening first-hand is a blessing. 

“I am filled with joy because, without people who come to these blood drives and their blood donations, lives wouldn’t be saved,” Liza says. “It is a blessing to see people donating. Because of them, my son was able to receive blood that saved his life”. 

Helping others is within our power. If you are feeling healthy and well, please make an appointment by visiting

Written by Communications & Marketing Intern, Doreen Fosco

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