Driving to keep the Red Cross mission going

When people roll up their sleeves at American Red Cross blood drives, the journey to send it to patients in need continues once the drive is complete.

That is where Volunteer Transportation Specialists like John Fearis come in. Drivers like him, dedicate a few hours out of their day to deliver life-saving blood products from the Red Cross to hospitals.

John, who became a Red Cross volunteer 10 years ago, says that over the years he has known people living with illnesses who are in need of blood transfusions, so he understands the importance of getting blood to hospitals.

Based in Peoria, he drives to various cities including Dixon and Normal and appreciates the teamwork that makes carrying out the Red Cross mission possible.

“It’s rewarding to me that we get the blood to them on a timely basis, it’s there for them when they need it” adds John.

He says volunteering is something that can make a huge impact and serve others during their most critical moments in life.

The work of the Red Cross is made possible by volunteers like John, who contribute their time and talents and more volunteer transportation specialist are needed.

To become a Red Cross volunteer visit redcross.org/volunteer.

Written by Drew Brown, Regional Communications and Marketing Manager

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