Ready Rating Program Helping Businesses Prepare for Disasters

Disasters do not stop and they can happen any day, from fires to strong wind storms and flooding.

Families prepare for the worst at home whether it is making a fire escape plan or gathering important documents for insurance purposes after a disaster. It is equally as important for businesses to have a plan in place for disasters.

The American Red Cross Ready Rating program’s goal is to help ensure businesses are prepared.

It is a free web-based membership program designed to increase the level of preparedness among employees and encourage businesses to help their local communities create a plan for emergencies.

As part of the program, business and organizations can take an assessment test to find out their level of preparedness assessment and have access to tools, tips and best practices to make any needed improvements.

Regional Ready Rating Program Lead Pete Vogel, says many organizations are unprepared for potential disaster.

“40 percent of small businesses don’t recover from a disaster and yet two-thirds of them have no disaster preparedness plans,” says Vogel. “That’s true of small businesses and frankly non-profits as well.”

Vogel says the program has received positive feedback from local organizations.

“The feedback we’ve gotten from members of Ready Rating have been extremely high, something like 90 percent say it’s been a very positive experience and 70 percent said they made actionable steps as a result.”

Vogel remains optimistic about the program’s future and hopes to continue and expand the Ready Rating program across the state.

“We’ve partnered with the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, to help market the idea to the community and to identify organizations that could benefit,” says Vogel.

To learn more about the Ready Rating Program, visit

Written by Communications & Marketing Intern, Justin Wang

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