Quincy Volunteer Shares Journey to Joining the Red Cross

Stephen Baden’s story with the American Red Cross began as a donor.

While at a blood drive donating in 2017, he describes seeing Red Cross vehicles head out to a response and instantly wanted to know how he could become more involved.

After speaking with the Quincy area disaster program specialist and meeting volunteers at a monthly meeting, he became a volunteer.

“I felt such a positive energy, such a comfort and sense of acceptance,” Baden says.

He began helping with the Sound the Alarm program installing smoke alarms, then eventually trained to join the Disaster Action Team responding to fires and other emergencies, along with becoming a blood donor ambassador.

“One of the greatest things I witnessed was the compassion and concern my mentors had for these victims of tragedy,” Baden says.

Baden comes from a family of people who work in the medical field, so helping others is something he feels is a part of his spirit.

“I’m used to working with a team and that’s the atmosphere that I feel through the Red Cross,” Baden says.

Stephen says he hopes to continue serving others in their time of need.

Visit redcross.org/local/illinois/volunteer to find out how you can get involved in your community.

*All photos taken before the pandemic

Written by Drew Brown, Regional Communications and Marketing Manager

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