Honoring a Humanitarian, Who Taught Us So Much

Long Time Board Member and Philanthropist R. Scott Falk Honored at Community Blood Drive

The Kenilworth Club Assembly Hall is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Serving as Kenilworth’s community house since its construction in 1906, the powerful connection between this historic gathering place and the local community makes it the perfect place to honor another community connector — R. Scott Falk.  Today, an American Red Cross Memorial Blood drive honoring R. Scott Falk was held there in his honor.  Forty-two units of blood were collected and each unit can help save up to three lives.

Scott Falk at the Chicago Red Cross Heroes Breakfast

Scott was a visionary and leader, and he modeled a long-term legacy of dedication and commitment to the Red Cross. For the past 12 years, he was a guiding force as a member of the Chicago & Northern Illinois Board of Directors. Scott’s passion, insight, drive and dedication often accelerated the Chicago & Northern Illinois Region forward. And Scott never hesitated to roll up his sleeve to donate blood.

Scott’s wife Kimberly and her dear friend Marley Crane hosted the drive in Scott’s honor.  Marley and Scott shared the same birthday, so an October blood drive celebrating his birth was the perfect way to honor him. “The room is decorated with 55 red and white balloons to celebrate Scott and his birthday,” said Marley. “We hosted the drive to allow people in the community to honor the generosity of the Scott we all knew and loved.”

Scott’s wife, Kimberly was moved by the many personal connections from the community donating in support of Scott.  “As I look around the room, I see so many friends that were part of our life together.  Friends from my children’s preschool, connections from our time in California, people from the PTA, neighbors, parents from our children’s sports and Kirkland & Ellis colleagues. All giving in honor of Scott, who gave so generously of himself.” 

Kimberly Falk and Marley Crane

Laura Linger, who knew Scott from both the community and his association with the Red Cross said, “Scott was a leader, an example and an inspiration.  There are not many like him. Kim’s amazing leadership in following Scott’s passion, dedication and generosity inspires all of us.”

Laura Linger with Betsy Ahearne and Francisco Magana of the Red Cross

Celena Roldán, the Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago & Northern Illinois Red Cross, donated blood today in Scott’s honor and said,” Scott had great humility. In my three and half years at the Red Cross he taught me much, about leadership, vision and generosity. I am proud to be here and to donate and honor Scott and Kim today.”

CEO Celena Roldán with Kimberly Falk

Many donors from the community who understand the significance of blood donation were also at the drive.  Carrie Waterston donated for the first time in support of a college friend who recently suffered and amniotic embolism while giving birth and needed 90 units of blood. Carrie said it is her friend’s mission “to give back every one of those 90 units” and Carrie donated today to do her part.

Bridget Sanfilippo’s 28-year-old daughter has suffered from aplastic anemia since she was five years old.  Aplastic anemia develops when damage occurs to bone marrow, impacting the production of new blood cells. Bridget said, “during her life, my daughter has had hundreds of blood transfusions, and my goal is to give back as many of those as I can.”

Bridget Sanfillipo

The American Red Cross collects 40% of the nation’s blood supply and needs to collect 13,000 units a day for the more than 2,500 hospitals we service across the country.  Blood drives like the R. Scott Falk Memorial Drive happen each day and donors are needed.  View more photos from the drive here.

Make your appointment to donate blood at an upcoming drive by going to http://www.redcrossblood.org and give the gift of life in the legacy of Scott Falk.  #givelife

Written by  Joy Squier, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, Chicago & Northern IL Red Cross

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