Harold Cubillo: Delivering Relief to Those in Need

Harold Cubillo, born and raised in Costa Rica, joined the American Red Cross three years ago. When asked why he chose to work for the American Red Cross, Harold promptly replies that he loves to help people then adds ,“I love to work in a team of people that are united by the common desire to help others.”

Harold provides instructions to Red Cross volunteers during free smoke alarm installation in Freeport

As Lead Disaster Program Manager for the American Red Cross of Northwest Illinois, Harold is used to responding to fires and flooding in the chapter. However, he recalls the time he was deployed for three weeks to Saipan after the devastation brought to the island by Typhoon Yutu.

“People were just so kind, so grateful. [They] were willing to put themselves aside, even though they were suffering themselves to help others,” says Harold. He and his team provided most needed relief supplies, including water to those impacted by the typhoon.

Harold and a team of Red Cross volunteers prepare to go out to help the community in Saipan

The time that he spent in Saipan will live in his memory forever, says Harold, as he encourages others to volunteer with the Red Cross, “If it is in your DNA to help others, to put a smile in people’s faces, and if you can put yourself aside and worry about somebody else, this is the right organization for you.”

As we are about to conclude our conversation, we discuss Hispanic Heritage Month which for Harold brings great memories from his childhood, growing up in Costa Rica, particularly because on September 15, Costa Rica celebrated its independence from Spain. “It’s a moment to think about your culture and the values that your ancestors instilled in you. The values of hard work, humility, sacrifice, respect, integrity, love, and always united around the nucleus of the family,” concludes Harold.

You can find out more about volunteering with the American Red Cross here.

Written by Isis Chaverri, Regional Marketing & Communications Manager

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