2019 Team Red Cross: Dedication, Passion & Perseverance

Team Red Cross brings together runners of all ages and abilities in support of the American Red Cross mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.

Team Red Cross prepares runners for success in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K, while also providing a rewarding charitable-giving experience. 

We are grateful for all our runners and are so impressed by their dedication and amazing determination to accomplish such an athletic feat! Our runners come from diverse backgrounds and motivations for running the marathon, and we are sharing a few of their amazing stories.

Sisters Running in Honor of Friend Who Dreamt of the Chicago Marathon

Stephanie Presley and Heather Paeplow: Sisters Stephanie and Heather are taking on the 2019 Chicago Marathon in honor of their wonderful friend and running buddy, Cari Bolet who tragically died in a car accident around Thanksgiving in 2018. It had been Cari’s dream to run the Chicago Marathon, so now her friends are fiercely determined to fulfill the dream that she could not by running it in her place instead of cheering for her at the finish line. Stephanie ran a marathon in 2018, and thought she was done with them, but this time it’s different.

“This time, I am not running it for myself. I am running for Cari – I am going to cross the finish line in her honor.  I am running through Team Red Cross to raise funds for a charity that was so crucial in the hurricane recovery in Cari’s beloved home of Puerto Rico and to keep her memory alive and close to us. My sister, Heather Paeplow, is going to run with me to support and help me carry Cari across the finish line.” #CarryCari

Pennsylvania Red Cross Volunteer Takes on Chicago Marathon

Pamela Edler‘s parents have become highly involved in volunteering with the Red Cross in her home state of Pennsylvania and through their activities she has learned much about the organization. Pamela has even volunteered for several events herself including “Sound the Alarm,” where she went into neighborhoods in the Harrisburg area and install smoke alarms for residents for free. She has also volunteered to write and distribute holiday cards to local disabled veterans.

“I truly feel this initiative by the Red Cross saves lives,” Pamela said. “I can’t think of a better organization to represent. “

She has run races and marathons with her husband and enjoys running as a family activity. Her husband is also running the 2019 Chicago Marathon.

Runner eyes Chicago Marathon to Complete All 6 US Major Marathons

Kevin Crealese will be able to say he’s run all 6 of the major marathons in the U.S. after completing the 2019 Chicago Marathon.
“While running a marathon  involves a certain level of pain, it pales in comparson to the suffering endured by those affected by emergencies worldwide.  When these life changing events occur, the Red Cross is there to do what it can to improve conditions for survivors.  A world-class support network like the Red Cross depends on the generousity of donors like you to provide these desperately needed services,” Kevin said.

Running in Honor of Mother who was Red Cross Volunteer

Carter Evans believes running brings people together of all ages and abilities and he’s happy to be able to support the American Red Cross. Carter is running in honor of his parents of which his mother was a Red Cross volunteer when she was in college.

Registration for the 2020 Chicago Marathon will open in November 2019. Learn more about Team Red Cross here.

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