Through the Heart of a Red Crosser: Why We Do What We Do

Steve Wise is a volunteer with the American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois. He is actively involved with the Disaster Action Team as well as other departments within the organization. Steve is now sharing some of the experiences he’s had during his time as a volunteer.

Yesterday this writer spoke to someone needing Red Cross assistance. The person on the phone described an event that happened locally. With sorrow in her voice, she described an event that most of us could not imagine.

Her family had lived through a terrible tragedy that has all too often become a daily happening across our nation. But the most important thing was that her family was safe. And she was doing what she could to help her family recover from the terrible event that came their way.

Every eight minutes the Red Cross responds to a disaster across the country. When we encounter such people and events – whether they be fire, floods, natural disasters or worse – we must do everything that we can – to help them get on their road to recovery. Such events may hurt us deeply. We may question why we are doing such things – and sharing the pain that goes along with it. But deep inside us – we know that there are others that are counting on us – to do what we can – to help them in any way possible – and to help restore the life that they once lead.

Across our nation and on any given day – there are people that experience an event – that will forever change their lives. It is up to us as Red Crossers…to be there for them, hear what they have gone through,
talk about what they will need to recover – and then do what we can. They certainly are counting on us.

Written by Red Cross volunteer Steve Wise

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