A Volunteer’s Heartache- Steve Wise

Yesterday I was part of a Red Cross Team that responded to a home fire in Aurora.  This fire was so devastating especially once we learned it claimed the life of a child.

steve pic.jpg

If you are a Red Crosser or know of one – you will know that home fires happen way too often.  And they change the lives of those so negatively impacted…in an instant.

Some people who are so affected – will bounce back from it through the help of family, friends, insurance, etc.  But with others…they will never ever be able to recover and will not be able to go back to the life that they once lead.

On average…seven (7) people – mainly children and the elderly – die each day from a home fire.  In addition, thirty-six (36) people suffer injuries as a result of a home fire each day.

The majority of us cannot describe the feeling of what it is like to lose a family member as a result of a home fire.  And most of us share the attitude that it will never happen to us – it always happens to someone else.  But such events do happen – and often they happen when we least suspect them…and often without any type of warning.  Red Crossers know first-hand – that way too many people do not have working smoke alarms in their home.

Take time today…and impact someone’s life today.  Check and make sure that your smoke alarms are working.  If you don’t have any installed – then get them installed NOW.  And push your family members, friends and neighbors to do the same.

Also check out the Red Cross “Sound the Alarm – Save a Life” campaign.  You can help out by Volunteering or Donating.  A small action on your part – can do so much for a family so needing.                   https://www.redcross.org/sound-the-alarm.html

Written by Chicago & Northern Illinois Red Cross Disaster Action Team Volunteer Steve Wise.


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