Volunteers Map the Unmapped to Aid Disaster Relief

Volunteers Map the Unmapped to Aid Disaster Relief

Missing Maps is a global effort to map the most vulnerable places in the developing world. It’s something the American Red Cross considers immensely valuable to aid disaster responders.

On December 8, Motorola Solutions organized a massive volunteer event where employees from around the world pitched in to create maps in Malawi in preparation for a measles campaign.


Volunteers for Motorola Solutions pitched in for Step 1 below. (Learn more about the process at missingmaps.org!)


Started by the American Red Cross, the British Red Cross, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and Doctors without Borders, these free and open source maps are used by local NGOs and individuals to be able to respond to crises with solid on-the-ground data.

Mike Dwyer, a Motorola Solutions employee and Missing Maps volunteer for about a year, said that he feels motivated by the immediate impact of the work. He’s happy to help in a way that provides direct support for those on the ground. Listen to him talk about the event (it was a bustling, busy place, so there is background noise!).

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