Volunteers “Go-All-In” For Red Cross

20390855050_cf50f59734_o(CHICAGO, IL) – PR firm Golin decided the American Red Cross was a cause to “go-all-in” for during its annual “Al’s Day” volunteer activities. The firm created the event in 2009 to honor the founder, Al Golin, and is held each summer around his birthday.

The firm’s main pillar is community service. Golin has big-name clients like McDonald’s so Al likes to give back to the community. He said it is a “wonderful legacy, practicing what we preach.”

Golin’s senior creative manager, Michael Marino said, “A couple years ago, it was a day we all went out and now it’s kind of expanded to a week.”

Golin employees culminated their Volunteer Week Aug. 14 at the Chicago headquarters of the Red Cross by cleaning and restocking the emergency response vehicles with supplies.20392158299_4b3b2b37b0_o

When a disaster strikes, the vehicles need to be ready to go. The Golin volunteers’ work will allow response teams to respond around the clock to a disaster site, where time is critical.

Christie Dooley works on the digital side of the company and said, “It’s a really nice part of working at Golin because they do have such and emphasis on giving back.”

20578841135_a901bf4a29_oThe manual labor reminded Marino of the hard work the Red Cross does for people who turn to the Red Cross in times of emergency.

“You never know when or where a disaster is going to strike so we could all need these services,” he said.

Fran Edwardson, CEO of the American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois, said the Red Cross’ work force is more than 90 percent volunteers. That’s why the Golin group was such a welcome helping hand.

“It’s great when we can get teams that want to help out,” she said.


Written by: Eleanor Lyon, American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois Public Affairs Volunteer

Photos by: Gerry Holmes, American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois Public Affairs Volunteer

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