Are You Prepared for Lollapalooza? – Get a “Concert Kit”

In 2012, Lollapalooza was rocked by a severe storm that caused a mass evacuation and a two-hour delay in performances, leading patrons to flee to local stores on Michigan Avenue and underground.

The 2010 festival saw rain as well, as concert-goers slid down muddy hills and frolicked on the flooded grounds.  Besides heavy rain, August is marked as the hottest month of the year in Chicago with an average temperature of 82 degrees, causing many to suffer from dehydration and heat stroke.

In addition to weather, injuries occur during the concert steming from rowdy fans mosh-pitting generally during heavier rock performances that can leave guests bruised and battered in need of medical attention. The venue houses many medical stations in Grant Park that are easily accessible and the staff on hand is trained to handle any emergency.

Beginning in 2013, Lollapalooza officials now allow two sealed, one liter bottles of water for each guest to combat the inevitable heat.

Be Prepared – Get a “Concert Kit”

If you are thinking of attending this year’s three-day event, the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago recommends a “concert kit” designed to prepare for any and all potential injuries or weather. Here is what we recommend:

  • Water – Excessive heat is likely in the midst of the summer and dehydration causes fatigue and heat stroke.
  • Band-Aids – Besides the risk of sliding down a muddy hill, most fans wear sandals and are at risk of cuts.
  • Plastic sandwich bag – While not everyone can afford a water-proof cell phone case, a plastic bag can still save your phone on rainy days. Cells phones are generally everyone’s main line of communication, and a water-logged phone puts you at risk in times of emergency.
  • Poncho – The best raincoat in crowded areas and inexpensive.
  • Portable Cell Phone Battery – If your phone dies you have no means of communication, one of these can mean the difference between your friends knowing where you are or not.
  • Sun Screen – Most outdoor concerts are during the summer when the sun is the most powerful and sun screen will allow guests to make it all three days without painful burns.

Lolla KitWhile there are many items one can pack before heading to the shows, these are just a few recommendations based on the conditions seen in the past.

First Aid App by the Red Cross

Before attending Lollapalooza, take a minute to download the Red Cross First Aid App.

The app is a database of treatments accessible to anyone with an android or apple phone free of charge.  The app illustrates treatments from burns and heat stroke, to bleeding and broken bones. In addition, using your phone’s GPS, the app can find the closest hospital, so no searching is necessary in times of an emergency.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, the application does not require a network connection to access all the information.  During large sporting events and concerts, data connections tend to fail due to cellular network congestion and with all the treatments built into the app, the internet is not necessary for it to be functional.

You’re ready to go! You have your concert kit in tow with your Red Cross First Aid App installed, prepared to enjoy days of amazing performances.  Being prepared for an outdoor event like Lollapalooza can be the difference between an unforgettable weekend of fun, and a weekend drenched and phoneless.  Be Red Cross Ready and have a great time.

To download the Red Cross First Aid App, click the bandage below

First Aid




Story and photo by Michael Roeder


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