Admiration, Gratitude and Inspiration Propels Team Red Cross to the Finish Line

Runners join Team Red Cross for many reasons, but they all share admiration, gratitude and inspiration for the American Red Cross which propels them across the finish line.

Autumn has breezed in and so has the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Oct. 13. Runners from around the world have been hard at work training to be part of American Red Cross of Greater Chicago’s Team Red Cross, a charity marathon team that offers participants a coveted spot in the Chicago Marathon if they raise funds for the Red Cross mission.

Runners share in common similar reasons for running on behalf of the Red Cross. Stephanie Reid, has admiration for the work and help that the Red Cross provides other people. Others, like Ashley Sanislo Casey and Jeff Laube, have sentiments of gratitude for the Red Cross. They all felt inspired to join the team.

Reid noted that there are many charities that a runner could choose from. So why choose the Red Cross?

Reid has run many races before, but she never ran for a charity until this year. “After the Boston marathon bombing, I noticed that the Red Cross had set up info hotlines for people to find runners that they knew. Red Cross was there for the running community and I wanted to do something to give back to Red Cross.”

Casey also has noticed the efforts of the Red Cross, “Sadly, a lot goes wrong in our world from flooding to horrible atrocities brought on by fellow humans, but I feel better knowing that the Red Cross is there as some of the first people on the scene, helping people get water, food, shelter and reconnect with loved ones.”

For Casey, it was important to run for an organization that had far-reaching impact locally and globally. “The Red Cross is an organization that touches so many lives from natural disasters to terrorist attacks to aiding our military and their families,” she said.

Laube can attest for this personally.

Having been in the military, the Red Cross reached out to him while he was stationed in Hawaii in the 1990s when his father suffered a heart attack. The Red Cross also paid for his plane ticket home.

Now a Park Ridge fireman and his third time running at the Chicago Marathon, Laube is raising funds through his registration that will benefit the Red Cross. One of the reasons he runs the marathon is “to meet new people and hear the obstacles they overcome.”

Written by: Diana Brokop

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