Saving Lives one Donation at a Time


Would you believe you could help save a life in just 30 minutes?  Every donation of blood is a way to prepare and help a community. The effort to give is what drew in the crowds at the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago last Tuesday morning.  Red Cross employees and other ordinary participants took time out of their busy day to make an impact on their community.  By just donating a pint of blood the individuals at the blood drive have made a conscious effort to help others.

“How could you not donate blood?” a walk-in donor named Rick asked me.  “It is the fundamental way to save lives,” he replied.  Rick sat patiently in the waiting area proudly wearing a bright red sticker proclaiming ‘I Make A Difference.’  “The little time you take out of your day can go such a long way,” he explained.  Rick seems to be like most people at the blood drive, veteran donors who do it because they care.  Around 40 percent of the nation’s blood donations come from the American Red Cross, so it is no wonder the blood drive was full of enthusiastic donors.

Walk -ins were not the only ones donating at the March 26th drive, American Red Cross employees filled the seats waiting to do their part.  Bridget Blair a Red Cross employee shared her thoughts and interest in donating blood.  “Not only does giving blood help others and save lives, it also supports a vital department at the organization.” Bridget clarified that at the American Red Cross, employees try to support all aspects at the Greater Chicago office and a blood donation is an easy way to give back.  She explained her appreciation for working at an organization that host blood drives at the office. “It is so great and convenient that I can walk down stairs at my office and give blood, it makes it hard not to donate.”  The donation of blood is an easy way to give to those in need.  With more than 44,000 blood donations needed every day, the participants at the blood drive can be assured their donations are making a difference.

Written by: Alyssa Barford

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