“Don’t know where cats are at”


A fire is one of the most devastating things to happen to a family. It’s completely unexpected and can make you feel whirls of emotions at the same time. Pam Crystal and her family were in a similar situation recently. Their three story house caught fire in the kitchen and rapidly spread to the living room. They didn’t know how to react or understand why there were so many people around. When asked how they were holding up the only thing Pam said was “I don’t know where my cats are at.” 

Long-time volunteers with the Red Cross of Greater Chicago and responders to numerous fires, Ray and Mike were there to provide emergency assistance for food and clothing to the families. A retired commissioner, Ray said that his work gave him a feeling that they’ve done something worthwhile. He sometimes goes to four to five fires a week, which is living proof of how dedicated the American Red Cross volunteers were to their work.

The family was grateful to receive help from the Chicago Red Cross team.

 –          Written By Amisha Sud

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