“I was just thinking, the Red Cross is real”

After enjoying a late breakfast and curling up in front of the TV, the Taylor family thought they were in for a normal Monday, but as the beginning credits began to roll on their favorite TV show, a fire was starting in their upstairs closet.

Deidra Taylor, mother of three, heard the smoke alarm go off upstairs and her 17-year-old son went to go check it out. To his surprise, one of the bedrooms’ closets was engulfed in flames. Luckily the family had talked about fire safety and had an escape plan ready.

“Even though we were prepared, it all goes out the window when there is panic, because we were bumping into one another,” said Deidra. Deidra, her son, 8-year-old daughter and 8-month-old baby, all made it out safely.

It was suspected that the fire was started from the first floor ceiling fan, which was located right below the bedroom closet. The fan’s light bulb kept blowing out a couple weeks before and sadly caused a huge electric fire.

Most of the family’s home was destroyed by the fire and water damage, but Red Cross was able to lend a hand with food, infant supplies, shelter, clothing and three teddy bears for the kids. Deidra told us that the first night after the fire was the hardest but knowing that someone cared really helped.
“Ashley, your Red Cross responder, was really caring and touched my sons arm and said things that made him feel better,” said Deidra. “I was just thinking, the Red Cross is real they really do help and train their staff members.”

With great gratitude, Deidra described her experience with the Red Cross as wonderful, kind and extremely caring. Deidra said the Red Cross has always been her charity of choice and will be for many years to come.

“They affected us so much that my son turned to me and said, ‘mom can I volunteer here,’ and I looked at him and said, ‘yes, we are going to volunteer together’,” said Deidra.

Become a part of the Red Cross and take part in helping families just like the Taylor family. Visit redcross.org to donate or to find out how to become a volunteer and always prepare yourself with fire safety tips.

Written by Dana Morones


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