Sue Gomez of LaGrange is the 2012 Red Cross Nurse Hero

For over 32 years, Sue Gomez of LaGrange has been a champion for children attending schools in 17 western suburbs of Chicago. As a school nurse consultant, Sue has helped schools develop plans to meet the needs of the children she serves, especially those with special needs. By doing so, she has not only been an advocate for children, but she has developed high standards of care in schools in compliance with local and state regulations.

Sue’s care for special needs children extends beyond the classrooms and has been shown by innumerable home visits she has made throughout the years. During home visits, she assesses a family’s situation, always including the child’s parents or guardians as partners in the development of the child’s treatment plan. Parents develop a trusting relationship with Sue that impacts their acceptance of the school plan for their child.Not only is Sue instrumental in the development of individual children’s school plans, but she also shares her knowledge with school nurses, teachers and administrators in the 17 districts she serves.

In 2011 Sue was honored by the National Association of School Nurses for Excellence in School Nursing. Previously she was honored as the Illinois Association of School Nurses’ School Nurse Administrator of the Year. In 2010 she was nominated for an American Red Cross of Greater Chicago Hero award.

“Sue has touched the lives of countless children and their families through her compassionate care and humble dedication,” said nominator Debbie Clay, a colleague to Sue. “She continues to give of her time to provide other school nurses the continuing education experiences needed to address the issues we face as a nation during these tumultuous times.”

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