Elliot Rose of Campton Hills is the 2012 Red Cross Law Enforcement Hero

While working the midnight shift on August 28, 2011, Campton Hills Police Department, Officer Elliot Rose responded to a single vehicle motorcycle accident at Route 64 and Fabris Road in Maple Park. Though the accident was outside of the police department’s jurisdiction, Officer Rose responded. When he arrived on the scene, a motorcyclist had severed his leg and was bleeding heavily from the femoral artery. Officer Rose, a trained paramedic, knew he had to stop the bleeding immediately or the victim would die.

Working without a medical kit, Officer Rose improvised using a piece of gauze and an ink pen. Probing into the wound, he located the artery, using the gauze-wrapped pen to pull the artery out slightly and clamp it, stopping the bleeding. He then tended to the victim’s other injuries before paramedics arrived. Officer Rose also had the foresight to have a medevac helicopter dispatched to Delnor Community Hospital in Geneva to be waiting for the victim when he arrived so he could be transported to a trauma center. The victim was stabilized and flown to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove.

Officer Rose is a certified DUI instructor, is the leader of his police department in DUI arrests and he has certified all officers in CPR along with several surrounding agencies. Rose serves as the department’s grant officer and securing grants for squad videos, cameras, weapons and bullet-proof vests. His grant for automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for the department recently resulted in an officer saving the life of a heart attack victim. In addition to being the department’s range officer, Officer Rose serves on the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System Weapons of Mass Destruction team and the Kane County Sheriff’s SWAT team.

“Officer Rose’s actions embody the Red Cross mission,” said nominator Daniel Hoffman, Campton Hills Police Department Chief. “His personal integrity and moral character is beyond reproach. Officer Rose works countless hours on his own time to assist other agencies in need of training and equipment as well as volunteering his time for philanthropic endeavors such as Special Olympics.”

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