Mark Dyer of Elmhurst is the 2012 Red Cross Disaster Relief Hero

Upon selling his business, Mark Dyer of Elmhurst made the decision to dedicate his life to philanthropy. Mark is known for heroically going anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice to bring hope and relief to distressed and homeless people. This requires Mark to go into unknown situations, cultures, languages and customs and deliver humanitarian comfort and assistance.

In 2011, as a Shelter Box Response Team (SRT) member, he responded to disasters in Japan (earthquake-tsunami), tornadoes in the United States and flooding in Columbia. He previously responded to disasters in Somalia (civil conflict), Niger (flooding), Haiti (earthquake) and Columbia (2010 flooding). SRT delivers tents and life-saving equipment that provide shelter, warmth and dignity to victims of natural and man-made disasters. Shelter Box is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing shelter, warmth, and dignity to survivors of disasters worldwide. The organization is supported by individual U.S. citizens and organizations, including Rotary clubs, other service and community groups, schools, religious groups, businesses and foundations.

“Mark has made me, the members of the Elmhurst Rotary Club, Rotary Districts in the area and our local community aware of the perils of global disasters and the need for humanitarian care,” said nominator Joan Strouse, a fellow Rotarian. “Inspired by his exceptional service, Elmhurst Rotary, Rotarians throughout northern Illinois and many community organizations have raised funds to support his work in giving hope and the tools needed for survival to devastated survivors.”

Mark is an Eagle Scout with bronze, gold and silver palms and has helped 18 boys complete their Eagle requirements. He serves on the board of directors of the Boy Scouts of America and is the scouting coordinator and former board member of Shelter Box U.S.A. As a Rotarian committed to service above self, Mark follows the four-way test and object of Rotary which foster high ideals and ethical standards.

Mark has worked in synergistic support with Red Cross organizations in Columbia, Niger and Haiti as well as civil defense groups in Columbia and Japan. He has received several awards in the past including those from the Boy Scouts, Rotary International and a Mayoral award.

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