Show your dog how much you REALLY love them…

Chicago loves their dogs. We’re undoubtedly one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world. Along with our dog bakeries, dog beaches, dog boutiques, dog daycare – I read today that O’Hare and Midway now have doggie restrooms!

Well, it should be no surprise to you that in a city that is filled with so many dogs, that the Red Cross is there to share the love. We offer Pet First Aid and CPR courses so you can be prepared when you need to be. Topics covered include: How and when to call for emergency assistance for an injured pet; understanding what is ‘normal’ for a pet; identifying signals of breathing emergencies, such as choking, and how to provide care….and more! As a dog owner myself, this was definitely a “must-do” on my list – I learned a lot, and rarely head out on long-walks without our first aid kit!

-Erica Barraca, Graphic Designer, Marketing & Communications

3 responses

  1. If you have kids you know what to do in an emergency, what about your dog? I think that's a great idea! You could one day save your dogs life. Does the Red Cross have any info on what to pack your dog if there is a natural disaster? Cute dog-is he up for adoption?

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