Heat Island!

Have you ever heard of “Urban Heat Island”? When the term was first introduced to me, I thought it was a new reality show… turns out, it’s an actual side effect of living in a city, like Chicago!
Heat Island effect is the result of high concentrations of asphalt parking lots, buildings, and roads. These areas absorb more daytime heat and radiate more nighttime heat than rural areas, becoming gigantic slow-burning furnaces. This phenomenon means there’s a lot less cooling at night and it can be hotter during the day.
So, if you’ve got outdoor plans this summer in the city, like visiting the Taste of Chicago, be prepared! When Heat Island effect happens, it can increase the risk of heat-related medical emergencies. Drink plenty of water and get out of the heat when you can.
Another fun fact: Men are more likely to develop heat-related illnesses than women!
This is because, on average, men sweat more than women and so, loose water faster.
To learn more about how to stay safe in the summer heat, sign up for a Community Disaster Education “Heat Wave” class with the American Red Cross and have a great, safe summer!
Written by Megan McCarthy 

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