A Big Thanks!

It’s National Volunteer Week and I am thrilled to shine the spotlight on some wonderful volunteers! The Team Firestopper program began in 2000 and reached 215 households. In ten years, the program has grown immensely. This year Team Firestopper is on track to reach almost 19,000 individuals! This would not be possible without our volunteers.Firestoppers2

In the last nine months Team Firestopper has utilized 550 volunteers to carry out its goal of getting fire safety materials to at-risk communities. Volunteers are at every step of the process – from community outreach to client follow-up. They help us to build folders and kits, to walk neighborhoods with fire safety information, and to visit homes to bring families smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. They truly are invaluable volunteers!

In addition to our event volunteers we have an exceptional group of leadership volunteers that include Adam McGriffin and Nayesha Pruitt. Adam McGriffin is an AmeriCorps VISTA that focuses on community outreach and partnerships. He has done a wonderful job helping us to recruit new partners to spread our fire safety message! Nayesha Pruitt is an AmeriCorps VISTA that focuses on volunteer recruitment. Without the volunteers that Nayesha brings us, we wouldn’t be able to reach the thousands of individuals that we have! Both have given a year of service to the American Red Cross, and without a complaint they give up their weekends, nights, and days to help spread our fire safety message. THANK YOU!

Team Firestopper volunteers help the Red Cross to carry out its mission of helping people prevent and prepare for emergencies. Thank you volunteers for all that you do!

Written Katie Darkin

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