Dear Red Cross…

Once again I was greeted this morning by an amazing story of a selfless little girl from Hinsdale, IL. When you are a kid, the most exciting day of the year, apart from Christmas, is your birthday. You look forward to a party with all of your friends, lots of cake and a pile of gifts you can’t wait to unwrap! This year for her 10th birthday, Alex Angus decided to forgo the standard birthday gifts and instead raise money for the Red Cross. After the earthquake hit Haiti, Alex eagerly looked for any opportunity to help. Here is a letter she wrote the Red Cross:
Help Haiti!
Dear Red Cross,
For my birthday instead of getting presents, I donated money for Haiti. When I heard about the earthquake, I knew I had to do something. I felt so bad! We raised $450 just from 1 birthday party! A lot of friends came to my party so I hope they will raise money just like I did. I really hope this will help a ton! I’m glad I could help!

What an amazing girl! She inspires a genuinely giving attitude and the Red Cross of Greater Chicago is so proud to accept her donation.

-By Cassandra Wilander, Marketing and Communications Intern

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