Threadless donates $100,000 and keeps on giving!

Today presented the American Red Cross with a check for $100,000 raised through its “Many Hands Make the Load Lighter” t-shirt sales. Accepting the check is Heidi Mucha, Chief Advancement Officer. Originally, up to $100,000 in proceeds from the t-shirt was going to the Red Cross Haitian Relief and Development Fund. Now, Threadless is lifting their donation cap and will continue to donate as long as the t-shirt sells. So far, they have filled orders for over 10,000 shirts.

This great idea came about from a similar effort made after Hurricane Katrina. Ross Zietz, the Threadless employee pictured above from Louisiana, decided he wanted to do something to help after Katrina destroyed New Orleans. He brought the idea to Threadless, then they created a shirt and donated all proceeds to the Red Cross to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. After watching the earthquake’s devastating aftermath, Ross decided a similar effort was in order to help the people of Haiti.

Here is an excerpt from about raising the $100,000 for Haiti:

“We think it’s kind of a big deal, and we wanna keep making the deal bigger. We’re not gonna stop donating until you guys stop contributing by buying a “Many Hands…” tee. So get yours if you haven’t already, there are still plenty of folks who need help. And thanks to everyone who has bought a tee so far – you’re just the coolest!”

The Greater Chicago Red Cross thinks Threadless is just the coolest! Visit to purchase a t-shirt, or donate directly to the Red Cross at

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