Did You Know?

4 out of 5 Americans are unaware that home fires are the most common disaster threat. But, it’s true… 90% of the disasters that the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago responds to are residential fires.Instead of focusing on recovery alone, Team Firestopper works on preventing fires before they start. The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago Team Firestopper program educates people about fire safety and prevention. The Team Firestopper program is unique: it teaches life saving skills and equips individuals with fire safety products so they can be ready in the case of a fire. The benefits are tremendous for both recipients and volunteers touched by the program.

This year Team Firestopper will be in 6 communities, including the suburban communities of Joliet, Aurora, and Waukegan, and the Chicago communities of North Lawndale, Englewood, and Roseland.

Last week alone the Team Firestopper program provided 36 households with fire safety information and equipment through in-home fire safety visits.

So, join forces with us; work to eradicate home fires by spreading the word about the Team Firestopper program!

Want more information? Check out our website at www.chicagoredcross.org/tfs.

Team Firestopper volunteers preparing for in-home fire safety visits in Englewood on Oct. 10th


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