Local fashion and beauty representative partners with the Greater Chicago Red Cross!

These days, everyone is doing their best to cut expenses and save money. Being a college student, who is already on a strict budget to begin with, the economic downturn has really effected my beauty and fashion selections. When it comes to a great look for less, I have found a great solution in mark. Better yet, mark. has decided to partner with the Red Cross in the month of July!

mark. is an Avon organization offering a variety of make-up, skincare, fragrance, and fashion products for a fantastic price. mark. products are not sold in stores, they are sold through representatives and online. During the month of July, a Chicago representative has decided to donate all of her profits to the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. To take a look at all mark products and support the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, click here . This month, when you shop mark. you can reap the benefits of a great product and low price, all while supporting the lifesaving services of the Red Cross!

Some of my favorite products from mark. include:

  • Juice Gems Flavored high-shine gloss
    Eyemarker Color On Line
    Have a Heart Necklace
    Self Sanctuary Honey Jasmine Body Butter
    Multi-Task Weekender Bag

This is one of the many ways your everyday activities can support the Red Cross! Additional partners include; GoodSearch.com, AT&T, Flowerpetal.com, Berry Chill, and GoodShop.com. Learn how to make your dollar go farther and support the Red Cross by visiting www.chicagoredcross.org/fundraisers.

Happy Shopping!

Mari Bryerman
Community Fundraising Intern at the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago

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