Quick Quiz – Do You Know What The Red Cross Can Do For You?

Being volunteers with two organizations (The American Red Cross and AmeriCorps) that people know little about, it really tries the patience when catching up with old friends or meeting with new ones to try to explain what exactly it is we do? Quite a bit of times, people assume we’re nurses or take blood – a very silly assumption considering Sam doesn’t like to be around blood and I am no where near nice enough to be a nurse.
To be quite honest, when we are on scene at a fire it is quite common that someone gets frustrated with us, not because we are not helping, but because their expectations of the Red Cross do not coincide with what we actually do.

So we are going to use today to have a quick review of the services the American Red Cross is able to provide – feel free to shout it from the roof tops, tell your friends, your neighbors, or just some strangers.

– Provide temporary financial relief for immediate clothing, food and shelter needs for an emergency timeframe (48 hours).
– Help to replace lost/damaged medications.
– Assist in connecting clients to other organizations for long term assistance.
– If necessary, Mass Care Sheltering
– Provide flood clean-up kits
– Provide lost toiletry items.
– Help with funeral expenses.
– Provide Mental Health support

I feel that it is important to note that the American Red Cross recieves all of its funding from generous donations from people like you.
Thank you.
Written By: Sam and Lily

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