It Takes Two, Baby

Having become recent fans of the website “Hulu” for all of our TV needs, we came across this ad from the American Red Cross and were pretty enthused.

We thought that it delivered a great message and strongly feel that everyone should be involved with helping others – and where’s a better place to start than with the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago?

Greater Chicago’s Disaster Services responded to a pretty large fire in Rolling Meadows about two weeks ago– you may have read Kristin’s coverage on an earlier post. Strangely enough, last weekend Rolling Meadows experienced another large fire in a different complex, and as always, the Red Cross was there to help.

And now to bring it full circle…

Last week, Sam received a phone call from a woman who was assisted during the first Rolling Meadows fire. She explained that the community had been nice enough to donate cat litter and food, which she graciously offered to those affected by the second fire.

This embodies the overall message of this ad from the American Red Cross – being there for your fellow wo/man.

As summer approaches, I hope that all of you might find time in your schedule for the American Red Cross in any capacity. You can take a class, chase fires, or offer your professional knowledge.

It takes two, after all.

~Sam and Lily

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