Right On-Target: Thanks for Your Votes!

Most meetings are boring, but ours has a secret weapon. You’re invited to attend the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago’s Annual Meeting to hear what your local Red Cross chapter is up to, and then learn more about how Blue State Digital is using social media to change the way non-profits communicate with their supporters.

Our speaker, Thomas Gensemer, was President Obama’s right-hand man on the campaign trail, using tools like Facebook and Twitter to help win votes and rally support.

Recently, the American Red Cross received an outpouring of support from our online fans during Target’s Bullseye Gives campaign on Facebook. We won 26 percent of the votes, which is a big deal considering all the worthy causes we were competing with! Our fans voted more than 75,000 times, earning us a share of $793,942. It was a real team effort, and it was great to see us all come together to support the Red Cross on Facebook. (Become a fan of our local chapter here!)

To learn more about the future of social media in the non-profit sector, come to our Annual Meeting! Click here to register. Spaces are free, but they are limited and an RSVP is required!

June 17, 2009
Loyola University of Chicago Water Tower Campus
Kasbeer Hall
25 E. Pearson, 15th floor
Chicago, IL

6 p.m. Meeting & Presentation
7 p.m. Reception

Kristin Claes is a writer at the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. She’s been to a lot of meetings, but this one actually sounds like fun. Hope to see you there!

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