After a much-deserved Spring Break, the HAPPY FRIDAY blogger is back and armed with a slew of spring break recommendations and favorite destinations from my years of thorough, firsthand research on this topic.

As a former resident of Miami, native of Spain and former employee of the Mexico Tourism Board, I have plenty of fodder on this topic.

Miami Beach is an international hotspot any time of year, but adding spring break to the mix makes South Beach white-hot for party-loving coeds, cutting loose between semesters from colleges across the country. If you go, stop by Wet Willie’s on Ocean Drive. This is a staple and sure to cool even the hottest party-goers with their signature frozen daiquiris and breath-taking ocean views. Next stop, walk three blocks over to Washington Ave, and visit Mansion Nightclub, the hottest club on the strip right now, and a favorite destination of yours truly. Splurge a little and get into VIP – you won’t regret it! Before heading back to the hotel, take a short cab ride to Club Space in downtown Miami. This New York style club features three rooms on two levels and a rooftop patio where partygoers from around the world have been watching the sun rise over the Miami skyline for many years.

Next on my list is Cancun, where the city’s best nightclubs are conveniently located in the hotel zone with the gorgeous turquoise waters and sugar white sand beaches of the Caribbean as a backdrop. My number one spring break hotspot on the Cancun strip is The City, without question Mexico’s best nightclub. This spectacular venue features nine bars on three levels with a 1,000,000 watt sound system and 650 square feet of video screens. Be ready for anything at this dance and entertainment mecca and let your inhibitions go. Spring break in Cancun is not complete without a stop at Senor Frog’s, a longtime staple of the Cancun nightclub scene. Located in the heart of Cancun’s nightclub district, this international disco has been attracting spring break college crowds for almost 20 years. This hotspot comes complete with a water slide leading to a fresh water lagoon to help cool you down after hours of friction on the packed dance floor. On the last stop of our party tour, join 3,000 of your closest friends at one of Cancun’s hottest superclubs, Coco Bongo. The sights and sounds of this multi-level mega- structure include live bands, flying acrobats and a tantalizing light show accompanied by a powerful sound system.

My final and most decadent spring break getaway destination is actually an entire island dedicated exclusively for the serious partygoer not on a budget. Ibiza is world famous for being a club and party scene, featuring an eclectic mix of house and techno nightclubs with a flair for the exotic. My top spot is Pacha, attracting the world’s most discerning partygoers for over 40 years. My dad’s been there, but that’s another story! This place gets jumping after 3am, when the electrifying music moves the jam-packed ocean of people dancing to the intoxicating beats. Featuring guest DJs from around the world and sexy dancers strutting atop the club’s seven bars, this place is truly one-of-a-kind. The final destination of my Ibiza tour is Space Ibiza. This techno-dance wonderland features six rooms with a gigantic main room, all featuring state-of-the-art sound and light shows, and an ultra-extravagant VIP lounge just off the main dance floor at the heart of the club. These two clubs should do the trick, but if you have any energy left, there are plenty of small bars and pubs around the island that cater to any craving you may concoct.

And since we always promote safety at the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, we encourage that you drink in moderation, always travel with a partner, and leave your travel itinerary with someone back home. These places are very safe, but travel overseas always requires extra precautions.

For the latest travel tips and international travel alerts, visit the US Department of State website.

Until next time, bottom’s up and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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