They say April showers bring May flowers….

…This, however, is not April.
And it’s going to be 32 on Wednesday, so I do not foresee any flowers in the near future.

So what do March showers mean?
Well, for the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago’s Disaster Action Team it means responding to flooding!

We watched the weather and news carefully this weekend, expecting much more flooding than what we actually got. Thankfully, because of the warmer temperatures last week, the ground thawed just enough to be able to absorb some of the rain water, stopping it from invading homes and basements.

Unfortunatly, we did have about five families who were affected by this weekend’s heavy rains.

Red Cross to the Rescue!

Last evening Sam and I both embarked on separate flooding adventures. I went to a basement apartment home that had taken in over a foot of water! Sam was dispatched to a garden apartment with the warning of raw sewage and water overflowing from the sinks and toilets. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case, but he was greeted by many household items floating through the client’s primary living space.

We mainly write about our fire responses, but it is important to know that the American Red Cross responds to any and all disasters!

You too can be a part of the Disaster Action Team – go ahead, jump in!

So April showers bring May flowers. And Mayflowers bring Pilgrims!

Think Spring Chicago!!

~Lily and Sam

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