CPR is In! Thank you The Office, Top Chef

Did you catch Top Chef yesterday? Thank you Tom Colicchio, again! In case you haven’t heard, CPR is in vogue. It’s trendy. Pop culture to blame. And we love it. Only wish there was more of it. Nope, we could not buy that kind of PR, especially because we really make a point of spending donor dollars wisely.

We spoke to our preparedness team today–our phones are rining off the hook. We’ve been getting at least six calls a day from people anxious to get training. Weeks ago, The Office also gave us a MAJOR plug. Soo glad these two shows stepped up to underscore how essential CPR is, especially in our work place were we spend most of our day.

Luckily, for those in the Chicago area who are still “thinking about it”, you can now save lives and money. Sign up for our CPR Training Days this month. At $9 a class, you’ll be telling us about your own “Office” lifesaving episode in no time. Just click on the right and go straight to registration. Go on, be pop influenced and follow Tom and Dwight’s lead.

Top Chef
The Office

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  1. An Illinois statute mandating Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs – Defibrillators) in physical fitness facilities has been amended to include many outdoor as well as indoor facilities. The new requirement affects many publicly owned facilities and “a public or private elementary or secondary school, college, university, or technical or trade school” if the facility is “supervised by one or more persons other than maintenance or security personal employed…for the purpose of directly supervising the physical fitness activities taking place.”

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