From Blue to Red

Wow! This is my very first time ever blogging and I am very excited about it. As much as I feel like I should have some really interesting story to start off with, I don’t. I joined the ARC because I was honestly just bored to pieces- seeing that the current state of the country had left me jobless.

Three months ago, I was really really depressed, feeling useless and very unproductive, so I literally just sat in front of my computer, typed in “Red Cross” (a.k.a and viola I was on the homepage where I clicked on “Volunteer” and the rest is history. It was really that easy. Funny thing, when I tell people I volunteer for the Red Cross they almost always ask me how I knew about the organization. This is usually surprising to me because I thought everyone knew about Red Cross.

Anyway, I (and apparently thousands of other people that support us) truly believe that the Red Cross does amazing things in our community daily, but most importantly it has done wonders to my life. I am enjoying the ride so far and learning a lot, like blogging, working on campaigns, research and trying to keep you interested in what I am saying right now:)

I tend to lean more towards low maintenance tasks so physical labor is not quite my thing. However, whatever your interests and strengths are, there is a place for you here. We all have our own motivations and stories. This is mine. What will be yours?


Oh, and if you are already a volunteer, send in your story and “Tell us how a Red Cross experience changed your life or someone else’s life” in 75 words or less and you could win a FREE trip for two-nights to Washington DC (exciting, huh?). Enter at

Uche Amu:
Uche is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with a BA in Psychology. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite quote is, “You can try to fit in but you were born to stand out”. She loves to change the status quo by being herself- unique 🙂

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