In today’s edition, we’ll recap our last Flirting For Disaster fundraising event, which was a ginormous success!

You know you’ve joined the right charity organization when you get to see a knock-out performance by Cher at a fundraising event. Well…Cher as played by Candy Stratton from the Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club. But Cher nevertheless, belting out “Turn Back Time”, showcasing her massive head of curls and sporting her familiar black leather jacket and fishnet stocking ensemble.

The singing sensation was featured at our Chicago chapter’s first GLBT Flirting for Disaster event, in partnership with the Northalsted Area Merchants Association, on Feb. 5. But there was more… Guests at Hydrate nibbled on fantastic appetizers from Home Bistro and Halsted’s (you couldn’t peel me away from the tasty liver pate) while enjoying a leather fashion show sponsored by Shel-don Chicago and I.D. Chicago. The leather appeared to take a backseat to the skin it was supposed to cover, but there didn’t seem to be any audience complaints about that – or the models.

All in all, it was an enlightening evening. Amidst women wondering out loud if the cute guy in the corner was straight and the cashmere sweater-wearing group of guys by the bar giggling like schoolgirls, the event was a true success, raising more than $4,800 for the American Red Cross. Great to know Red Cross supports not only the greater community but also our neighborhood communities and cultures through such events. The biggest challenge will be finding a better headliner than Cher next year.

Our next FFD event is March 19 at Lalo’s. Let’s get our act together and make it there! That means you…and you!!!

As part 5 of our 25 part introduction of our Auxiliary Board, I present this week’s profile: the dangerously magnanimous David Landeck – pillar of society and proud owner of a Toyota Prius…(I made that last part up).

David is now both and the Vice President of Development at Prevail Health Solutions and a grad student at Chicago Booth School of Business. Previously he attended University of Notre Dame and worked at CSG Systems, Inc. He enjoys sailing, traveling, hiking, reading, and athletics.

Join us next week when we’ll talk about Timbuktu, Unitarians and the theory of relativity. Until then, dot your i’s, cross your t’s and mind your q’s.

And remember, “When in Rome…”

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