John Is NOT a Hero. Nominate Someone Who Is.

Have you made a nomination for the 2009 Heroes Breakfast yet? You know you like breakfast (French toast, muffins, coffee, mmmm), so what’s the heroes part all about? Each year, the Greater Chicago Red Cross honors regular people from the Chicago area who have done selfless, great things.

Some heroic acts happened in an instant—rushing into a burning building to save a child. Other became heroes over time—volunteering hundreds of hours of community service. We’re looking for brave, kind, dedicated people who inspire us and reveal the potential for good that lies within everyone.

Not like John. John is NOT a hero. There’s goodness that lies within him, sure, but he’s certainly not letting it out. We hope this video makes you smile and reminds you to go make a nomination. Share it with your friends!

It’s time to recognize a hero in your life. I bet you know some people who are changing lives in our community—teachers, police officers, mothers, students, friends. To learn more about the categories (which include Youth Good Samaritan, Nursing, Law Enforcement and more) and to make your nomination, visit

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