Inauguration Day

We might be rather cold here in Chicago but, imagine standing outside for hours watching the Inauguration in D.C. in similar temperatures! Don’t worry though; the Red Cross is on the scene for the event of the year.

The Red Cross in D.C. is helping to find people with hypothermia and those in need of first aid. Most important of all they are providing safety tips to stay warm in the cold. In their preparation video, Maya Chawla, a Red Cross employee out in D.C., stressed the needed to layer, utilize hand warmers, and wear hats, gloves and scarves. We hope the estimated two million people watching the Inaugural events are keeping warm!

President Obama…Honorary Chairman of the American Red Cross? The USA presidents began holding the title of Honorary President in 1913 (later changed to Honorary Chairman in 1947) thanks to President Woodrow Wilson. Learn all about the history of the Red Cross Presidents, Chairmans, and CEOs here.

Want to hear the latest from the Red Cross in D.C.? Check out these Twitters…Claire Sale from the mall and Laura Howe from headquarters.

Hey Chicago, its still cold here! STAY WARM!

Photo courtesy of Claire Sale/American Red Cross.

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