Happy Friday! Welcome to the Auxiliary Board’s Weekly Blog

Happy New Year! And Happy Friday! As the first (conscious) Friday of 2009, I welcome the American Red Cross of Chicago’s blog readership to the seminal installment of the Auxiliary Board’s “Happy Friday” weekly blog.

To live in a big city and be young means to Tweet, to Facebook (yes, it’s also a verb), to instant message, to text and to blog. It doesn’t take long to run into young Chicagoans on their smart phones checking stock quotes (plummeting at the moment), G-chatting or AIMing to their hearts content. Some among us are clandestine celebrities on Twitter and some of us even have our own websites and blogs. You can find a blog for every group or topic imaginable (just type in whatever search term comes to mind and you’ll find a community that toils over every aspect of that…whatever that is).

As a member of the Auxiliary Board of Chicago’s American Red Cross chapter, I’m proud that our Chapter is part of this long-running revolution and has developed a very robust blog with dynamic functionality and a very user-friendly interface. What I’m concerned about, though, and have taken the first step with this entry to put an end to, is that the youngest members of this organization’s ranks – the tech-savvy, vibrant youth of the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago – has not yet contributed to our Chapter’s blog! No more!

We are joining this revolution and have a lot to talk about. We want to share our thoughts and open our hearts and minds. We want to talk about our charitable efforts throughout the community and our weekend, beverage-assisted adventures with our buddies, spouses and/or significant others. We also want to share some lessons from our professional lives that may apply and serve our readers. From now on, our merry band of social philanthropists will post a blog entry every Friday, headed by yours truly, in the hopes of informing you of our goings on, sharing our varied workplace perspectives and entertaining you in the process.

For now, I’ll leave you with the first member profile of our Auxiliary Board – mine – and profile one member each Friday until all 25 are introduced.

Erick Laseca: Erick is a grad student at Northwestern University, PR Director of his marketing program’s academic journal, and a media specialist in Burson-Marsteller where he is a founding member of both BM’s U.S. Diversity & Inclusion Council and Marketing Committee. He serves as Marketing Co-Chair for the American Red Cross of Chicago’s Mission Red experience auction and enjoys traveling, reading and quiet time. Personal motto: Dance like nobody’s watching; sing like nobody’s listening; and run like you stole something.

Join us next Friday when I’ll write a little about what the Auxiliary Board actually does and what we have coming up for 2009.

Posted by: Erick Laseca Friday, January 9 at 8:57 a.m.

2 responses

  1. The blog is definitely off to a good start! I’m sure the Friday post will mirror the success that the Auxiliary Board has had over the past few months with Flirting for Disaster. I’ll be sure to stay tuned!!

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