Holiday Sentiment

I find that during the holiday season, everything is just a little more sentimental, and I find myself thinking about the loved ones who have made my life a little bit sweeter. This got me thinking about how the Red Cross continues to make people’s lives a little bit sweeter through all its great work.

The Red Cross means so much to so many.
For the woman who saved her brother’s life after he fell from a heart attack, or the man who safely got his family out of their burning home, the Red Cross is a source of health and safety education and preparedness training. For the young woman who lost everything in a fire, the Red Cross is a source of hope and deliverance from the question of “what happens next?” For the father who needs to get an important message to his son in the military, the Red Cross is a conduit of communication. For the young boy who needed a blood transfusion after a major car accident, the Red Cross is a source of life.The Red Cross has touched the lives of so many in some special way. This holiday season, let’s remember the essential, life-saving work of this great organization by making a gift to the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. Your gift can help our chapter bring relief to those in need, help us teach people to prevent and prepare for emergencies, and so much more. Every little bit counts.

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